Data selection criteria can optionally be used to select, colour code and annotate points. In the top frame data are colour coded by Criteria 2 (in this case reservoir name) and annotated by well name. In frame two the data have been selected on the basis of reservoir (below right). Numeric data can be associated with points and used as a selection criteria as well (frame three). Besides well-name, two other alphanumeric selection criteria can be assigned to each point, as well as a numeric value. In addition each point can be assigned a quality code (reflected in the data plot symbol) and a comment. The comment can also be annotated. All these data can be viewed and edited in a table format.

Data entry format

The point annotation toolbar button.

Data edit table

The toolbar (left) can optionally be used to select the more frequently used functions such as adding or rotating a gradient line, adding text or line annotation etc.