Seismic Solutions Int.

Seismic Solutions International provides Petroleum industry software and consulting services specialising in seismic interpretation. Two software products developed by Seismic Solutions are currently marketed: an interactive RFT/MDT interpretation database package, and a checkshot/synthetic seismic plotting routine.

The RFT package provides interactive gradient information and is designed to handle multicriteria data, eg multi-well, multi-reservoir, multi-fault block, etc. Criteria are user nominated. The software is used at well sites where immediate and continuous interpretation of depth/pressure data are required, and in fields and basins where the pressure data from multiple wells/reservoirs are required to be plotted, analysed and compared. Data are colour coded and readily selected from the database. Import from a spreadsheet can be automated, and all data and results are easily exported. A "report ready" print is produced. Routines are available to plot known gradients and calculate gradients from fluid properties.

The Checkshot/Synthetic package plots time/depth data and integrates formation information. Log traces are imported and a synthetic trace can be generated and printed or exported. A multiwell capability exists to compare checkshot data from multiple wells. The checkshot data can be interrogated to determine depth from a given time and vice versa. Data are readily imported from a spreadsheet source, or can be typed in.

The "Pocket Digitiser" offers fast on-screen digitising of scanned maps, sections, photographs etc. Point and stream mode digitising are available and the data are easily exported to other applications. "Paper Stretch" in two dimensions is catered for with four calibration points. A fully functional 'Lite' version of this application is available as freeware.

Seismic Solutions offers consulting services, specialising in seismic interpretation using the experience of over 20 years is in most Australian Basins including Browse, Bonaparte, Bowen, Galilee, Drummond, Eromanga, Cooper, Gippsland, Otway and Georgina.

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