Seismic Solutions "Pocket Digitiser"

    New Version - 1.5 (5/5/00):

  • Toolbar
  • Scroll bars for large images
  • Area calculation
  • Delete area option
  • Zoom in/out
  • Auto track (demonstration only)

    Features added 21/4/00 (version 1.3):

  • Bug fixes

    Features added 15/4/00:

  • Distance measurement


  • Permits digitising "on screen" from a scanned image
  • Calibrate/register from four points
  • Compensation for X and Y direction "paper stretch"
  • Point and stream mode
  • Mouse and arrow key positioning of cursor
  • Optional point name input
  • Easy editing
  • Easy export of data to other Windows applications
  • Fast and clean
  • It's free!!

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Users suggestions for improvements and additions welcome.
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Latest version 1.5